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13 Items

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Welcome to Shift Eco's Collection of Starter Kits! If you are interested in adopting a sustainable lifestyle, our starter kits are designed to make the transition convenient and cost-effective. We are an eco-friendly store that recognizes that adopting eco-friendly practices can be daunting, which is why our thoughtfully curated kits contain everything you need to begin your journey toward a greener future.

Benefits of Starter Kits

Our starter kits offer numerous benefits to those new to sustainable living. First, they are more affordable than purchasing individual products. By combining necessary items, we offer you the opportunity to save money and time. Moreover, our kits offer the convenience of multiple products in a single purchase, ensuring that you have a comprehensive assortment of eco-friendly necessities. Our eco-friendly, plastic-free kits demonstrate thoughtfulness and consideration when given as a corporate gift or for personal use.

  1. Green Home Starter Kit

    Our Green Home Starter Kit is perfect for creating an eco-friendly household. It includes a laundry egg, a cleaner concentrator set with refills, a long-handle dishwashing brush, and a reusable bamboo kitchen towel. The laundry egg provides a sustainable alternative to traditional detergent, while the cleaner concentrator set offers a versatile and eco-conscious cleaning solution. With the long-handle dishwashing brush and reusable bamboo kitchen towel, you can eliminate the need for single-use alternatives. This eco-friendly gift box is a comprehensive package designed to help you make your home greener.

  2. Stationery Set in a Jute Pouch

    Our Stationery Set in a Jute Pouch is an excellent choice for those who enjoy jotting down notes and value environmentally friendly stationery. This kit includes a notepad made from a5 seed paper, plantable pencils, and pens that can be grown into a flower or vegetable, once done using. The jute container is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional packaging materials. This kit allows you to appreciate writing with eco-friendly stationery while minimizing environmental impact. This kit is entirely biodegradable and compostable. It also makes for a cute and cost effective gift!

  3. Always on the Move Eco Set

    Our Always on the Move Eco Set is the ideal companion if you are constantly on the move and wish to maintain your eco-friendly practices wherever you go. This travel kit contains a recyclable bamboo wireless charger, a collapsible water bottle, a set of cutlery, and a metal pen with a leather barrel. The charger is made from certified recycled plastic and sustainable FSC-certified bamboo, with a long-lasting grade A 10,000 mAh lithium polymer battery. It enables you to sustainably power your devices on the go, while the collapsible water bottle and cutlery set help you avoid single-use alternatives when dining out. The metal pen with a leather barrel enhances your eco-friendly lifestyle with a touch of elegance.

  4. Green Self-Love Gift Set

    Self-care and sustainability go hand in hand with our Green Self-Love Gift Set. This kit includes a bamboo comb, reusable toothbrushes with replacement heads, a shampoo bar, vegan bath soap, and face wipes. The face wipes are reusable, minimizing single-use wastage; the shampoo bar is handmade and cold pressed, suitable for all hair types. The vegan bath soap is made from oils and is cruelty-free. Embrace a sustainable self-care routine with these thoughtfully curated products, perfect for pampering yourself while being kind to the planet.

What Sets Us Apart - Customization & Sustainable Packaging

At Shift Eco, we recognize that everyone has distinct preferences and requirements. We offer customization alternatives for our starter kits as a result. Simply reach out to us, and we'll gladly assist you in creating a kit that meets your specific needs. In addition to custom packaging, we also prioritize eco-friendly packaging. Our packaging materials reflect our commitment to reducing plastic waste, ensuring that your eco-friendly voyage begins with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Why Choose Starter Kits from Shift Eco?

By selecting sustainable kits, you benefit from Shift Eco's commitment to providing comprehensive and curated collections for a smooth transition to a sustainable lifestyle. Our kits are designed with convenience in mind, providing you with all the necessary eco-friendly products in a single container. Moreover, our gift boxes allow you to explore and try various eco-friendly products, allowing you to discover your favourite sustainable alternatives.

We also offer a variety of sustainable products like personal care, home care, baby care products, and more. Embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle with our eco-friendly products. Join the movement towards a sustainable future by shopping now!


  1. Can the products in the starter gift boxes be purchased individually?

  2. All the products included in our starter gift boxes can be purchased individually.

  3. Are the products in the starter kits suitable for all lifestyles?

  4. Absolutely! Our starter kits are designed to accommodate various lifestyles and preferences, ensuring anyone can embark on a sustainable journey.

  5. Can the starter kits be customized for specific preferences or needs?

  6. Yes, we offer customization options for our starter kits. If you have specific preferences or needs, please contact us, and we'll be delighted to assist you in creating a personalized kit.

  7. Are the products in the starter kits made from sustainable materials?

  8. Yes, all the products in our starter kits are made from sustainable materials. These are also delivered in plastic free packaging. We prioritize eco-friendly alternatives to ensure your sustainable journey is as impactful as possible.

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