Go-Green Writing Supplies Gift Set

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Go-Green Writing Supplies Gift Set

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This stationery kit is a gift with an edge. Each product has unique features and is suitable for various ages for anyone in school, college or someone who is a working professional.

This kit consist of:

  • Plantable Stationery Set in Jute Pouch: This jute bag contains a 40 page Notepad(Made of A5 Seed Paper), a box of 4 plantable pencils and 4 plantable pens with different seeds. Made from natural jute and 100% recycled paper, this kit is 100% biodegradable and compostable. After you have scribbled on your notebook; Soak the cover of the notebook in a bowl of water for 5-10 days. It will sprout into a seed and you can plant that in any pot of your choice. Just give it good sunlight, water and lots of love and watch it grow with pride. Pens and Pencils: Once you are ready to say goodbye to them as your companion and let it begin its new adventure; You plant it nib side up in a nice pot in a good location with sunlight and water as usual. In 5-10 days you will see them grow. A thoughtful gift for your loved ones to remember!
  • A5 Cork Fabric Hard Cover Notebook and Pen Set: This is a high quality eco friendly notebook made from a combination of linen and cork materials. Also includes a matching eco friendly pen made from cork and eco-Friendly Wheat Straw. Packed in a eco-Friendly gift box, this notebook and pen set make a beautiful style statement.
  • Bamboo 100x Long Lasting Pencil: Bamboo eternity pencil replaces your traditional wooden pencil. Traditional wooden pencils write only up to around 200 metres, but this bamboo eternity pencil, has a writing length of up to around 20,000 metres using a graphite tip to produce a graphite line. Not only does it write like a pencil, but the markings can be erased. It works by leaving a graphite line on paper just like a regular traditional wooden pencil but it wears down so slowly, that it should outlast up to 100 traditional wooden pencils. Does not require any sharpening - just keep writing till eternity!
  • Desk Accessory Memo Cube with Wireless Charger: Cardboard cube with lid, this box folds out to reveal small sticky notes in 5 different colours (25 sheets per color), included 30 paper clips, 4 pen holder slots, business card slots, a mobile stand and most importantly, a wireless charger. The Wireless charger has a 5W output. A perfect tech desk accessory for the modern desk!

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