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12 Items

Buy Sustainable Gift Baskets Online at Shift Eco

Welcome to Shift Eco, your one-stop shop for environmentally responsible gift baskets. At Shift Eco, we appreciate thoughtful gifts that offer happiness and contribute to a sustainable future. Our collection of gift baskets has been meticulously curated to offer various options suitable for various occasions. From travel necessities to eco-friendly domestic products, we have something for everyone.

Significance of Gift Baskets:

When it comes to conveying sentimental messages, gift baskets hold a unique position. They are optimal for individuals who value thoughtfulness and attention to detail. The adaptability and suitability of gift baskets for various occasions is what sets them apart. Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, a baby shower, or a corporate event, eco-friendly gift baskets are a sustainable and memorable option.

Range of Gift Baskets Available:

Shift Eco takes pride in offering diverse gift baskets that cater to different needs and preferences. Here are some of the eco-friendly kits we have in store:

  1. On-the-Go Essentials

    Ideal for busy individuals, this gift basket includes eco-friendly products designed to make life easier while minimising the environmental impact. In this eco gift basket, you get reusable straws, collapsible water bottles and a bamboo cutlery set.

  2. Green Home Starter Kit:

    This gift basket is perfect for those who appreciate sustainable living and features a range of eco-friendly products for a greener home environment. The eco gift basket consists of eco laundry egg, bamboo kitchen towels with a bamboo cleaning brush and eco-friendly cleaner.

  3. Go-Green Writing Supplies:

    This gift basket is tailored for writers, artists, and stationery enthusiasts who value environmentally friendly writing tools and materials. This eco-friendly kit includes a bamboo pencil, a recycled notebook with a pen, a memo, a jute bag and a wireless bamboo casing charger to keep your devices charged.

  4. Green Travel Companion:

    This gift basket contains sustainable travel essentials for the avid traveller, making journeys more eco-conscious and enjoyable. This eco-friendly kit includes a bamboo-cased Bluetooth speaker to keep the music going and a bamboo cutlery set with reusable straws for your food and beverages.

Features and Benefits:

When selecting gift baskets from Shift Eco, you can anticipate the following characteristics and advantages:

  1. High-Quality Products:

    We take pride in procuring only the finest eco-friendly products and organic ingredients to ensure that each gift basket is of the highest quality.
  2. Eco-friendly Kits:

    Our gift baskets include all eco-friendly products. Our curation encourages consumers to begin their sustainability journey, without making much of a compromise and just choosing better alternatives.
  3. Beautiful Packaging and Presentation:

    Our gift baskets are meticulously packaged to make the unboxing experience aesthetically appealing and enjoyable. Our gift baskets are packaged in eco-friendly recyclable box. We are committed to a plastic-free lifestyle and make every effort to promote and implement it.
  4. Options for Personalization:

    At Shift Eco, we recognise the significance of personalisation. If you have any sustainable gift basket ideas, we can bring them to life and personalise the gift basket for you. You can add products according to your preferences. Additionally, you can add a personalised note or card to each gift basket to make it even more special.

Choosing the Perfect Gift Basket:

Choosing the proper gift basket is critical for leaving a lasting impression. Here are some pointers to help you select the ideal eco-friendly gift basket:

  1. Preference: Take into account the recipient's preferences and interests. Whether they appreciate self-care routines, travel, or are interested in sustainable living, there is a gift basket to suit their preferences.
  2. Thoughtfulness: Think about the message you want to send through the gift. Choose a gift basket that reflects the recipient's values and demonstrates what you thought about their gift.
  3. Set a budget and look for gift baskets within your pricing range. Shift Eco has several solutions at various pricing points to suit everyone's budget.
  4. Occasion: When choosing a gift basket, remember the occasion. Choose a gift basket that corresponds to the type of celebration, whether it's a birthday, holiday, or corporate occasion. We also offer various sustainable corporate gifts for organisational events.

Why Choose Us?

Besides our remarkable gift baskets collection, Shift Eco offers a wide range of eco-friendly products and sustainable gift ideas. From baby gifts to eco-friendly corporate gift ideas, we have something for every occasion and recipient. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and strive to impact the planet positively. When you choose Shift Eco, you choose quality, thoughtfulness, and a greener future.

Choose Shift Eco for eco gift baskets that make a positive impact. Explore our collection today and be part of the movement towards a greener and more thoughtful gifting experience.


  1. Can I customise the contents of the gift baskets?

    Yes, we do have customising possibilities. You can contact our customer service staff to discuss your needs and create a personalised gift basket.

  2. How can I add a personalised message or card to the gift basket?

    You can include a personalised message or card with your gift basket. Get in touch with our customer support team, or just message us. We will be happy to serve you

  3. Are eco-friendly gift baskets less expensive than typical gift baskets?

    While the prices of gift baskets may vary depending on the specific products and personalisation options, we strive to deliver good value. Sustainable options should be available to everyone, and our pricing reflects this commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality.