Eco-Friendly Replacements To Daily Office Supplies Eco-Friendly Replacements To Daily Office Supplies

Want to make your office eco-friendly and need help making the transition?

We at Shift Eco offer you a wide range of vetted products that are an easy shift to that help you make your office eco-friendly and build a culture of being environmentally conscious.

Our Range of Eco-friendly Office Products

  • Pantry Essentials
    Pantry Essentials
    • Compostable cups
    • Compostable cutlery
    • Compostable tableware
    • Composting units
    • Reusable water bottles, cups etc.
  • Stationery
    • Plantable stationery
    • Recycled material stationery
    • Plastic free alternatives
    • Eco-friendly printing materials
    • Bamboo products
  • Cleaning Supplies
    Cleaning Supplies
    • Refillable cleaning chemicals
    • Non-toxic cleaning supplies
    • Compostable tableware
    • Eco-friendly brushes & sponges
    • Compostable garbage bags
  • Personal Care
    Personal Care
    • Bamboo hotel supplies
    • Vegan, cruelty free options
    • Reusable skincare products
    • Plastic free alternatives
    • Bamboo toothbrush, comb etc.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Energy Efficiency
    • Water saving tap aerators
    • Water saving toilet tank banks
    • Water filteration systems
    • Energy efficient lighting
    • Efficiency audits
  • Bathroom Supplies
    Bathroom Supplies
    • Bamboo tissues
    • Eco-friendly cleaning brushes
    • Refillable cleaning solutions
    • Eco-friendly menstrual care
    • Reusable products

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Sustainable Office Supplies for Sustainable Workplace

Did you know that the average office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of paper annually and that 50 per cent of that paper ends up in the trash within 24 hours? This and other alarming statistics show the impact that traditional corporate office supplies can have on the environment.

At Shift Eco, we believe in promoting sustainability in the workplace and strive to offer our clients the best environmentally friendly products that cater to their office needs. Our goal is to reduce the negative impact of corporate office supplies on the environment while making it easy and affordable for our clients to switch to sustainable products.

We encourages organisations to follow sustainable workplace practices by conducting workshops and sustainability training for employees and suggestions for opting planet friendly office reviews. Shift Eco is one of the leading providers of office supplies in Dubai and across the UAE. Let us look at the products we use at our workplace and how we can make them sustainable.

Sustainable Stationery for Sustainable Workplace

Our range of sustainable stationery includes recycled printing paper, plastic-free folders and files, recycled sugarcane notebooks, bamboo desk organisers and more. We also offer plantable pens and pencils that can be gifted and later planted to grow vegetables or flowers. These eco-friendly alternatives reduce waste and promote a more sustainable lifestyle in the office. By choosing our sustainable stationery, organisations can positively impact the environment without sacrificing quality. In addition, these office stationery ranges can be considered sustainable corporate gifts for clients and employees.

Sustainable Choice: Bamboo Products

Bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable resource that is popular for those looking for a sustainable alternative to plastic products. Our bamboo products include pens, cutlery, tiffins, and water bottles. These products are not only eco-friendly but also durable and long-lasting. Our bamboo products come in various sizes and designs, making them a great addition to any office kitchen or break room.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Traditional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that harm the environment and human health. That's why we offer eco-friendly cleaning products that are non-toxic and compostable garbage bags. We also provide refillable solutions to help cut costs and reduce plastic waste. Our concentrate products are a great way to reduce plastic waste while still getting the same cleaning power. By choosing our eco-friendly cleaning products, businesses can create a healthier and more sustainable workplace.

Plastic-Free Pantry Essentials

Single-use paper cups and plastic water bottles significantly impact the environment. That's why we offer pantry essentials such as stainless steel tiffins, water bottles, straws, and cutlery sets. We also provide compostable cutlery, plates, and cups. These products reduce waste and are cost-effective in the long run. Our range of reusable pantry essentials comes in various sizes and designs, making them a popular choice for offices of all sizes.

Green Bathroom Essentials

We provide vegan and cruelty-free options, refillable hand soaps and sanitisers, bamboo toilet rolls and tissues, and organic menstrual pads. These products are not only eco-friendly but also great for the health and well-being of employees. By choosing our sustainable bathroom products, organisations can create a more comfortable and healthier workplace for their employees.

Less Consumption: Resource-Efficient Products

We provide water-saving devices and energy-efficient lighting solutions to help our clients save money and reduce their environmental impact. We also offer office audits to help our clients identify areas where they can improve their resource efficiency. Our team of experts can help our clients create a more sustainable workplace by providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to reduce their environmental impact.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Lighting is a significant source of energy consumption in offices. We offer various lighting solutions to meet our client's needs. We offer audits that help identify areas where energy can be saved, and we provide cost-effective lighting solutions that can help reduce energy consumption and costs. Our energy-efficient lighting solutions can also create a more comfortable and productive workplace for employees.

Why Choose Us?

At Shift Eco, we believe sustainability should be affordable and accessible to everyone. We offer a wide range of sustainable office supplies that cater to the needs of our clients. Our products are high quality and cost-effective in the long run. We also provide excellent customer service and support, ensuring our clients are satisfied with their purchases. We believe in creating a more sustainable future and work hard to help our clients achieve their sustainability goals.

Services Offered by Shift Eco

Aside from our sustainable office supplies, we offer planet-friendly office review, corporate gifting, and training. Our office reviews help identify areas where our clients can improve their sustainability efforts, and we provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge to make positive changes. Our sustainable corporate gifts options include eco-friendly gifts that promote sustainability and positively impact the environment. We also provide training to help our clients create a more sustainable workplace culture.

Shift Eco is committed to promoting sustainability in the workplace. Our range of sustainable office products includes everything from bamboo products to compostable cutlery, which is cost-effective and high quality. We also provide excellent customer service and support, ensuring our clients are satisfied with their purchases. By choosing Shift Eco, our clients can create a more sustainable workplace while reducing their environmental impact and promoting a healthier workplace culture. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


Q. What are eco-friendly office supplies?

Ans. Eco-friendly office supplies are products created to have a minimal environmental impact. They are often biodegradable or recyclable, are made from sustainable materials, and are free of harmful chemicals. Eco-friendly office supplies include recycled paper products, biodegradable pencils, sustainable folders, and energy-saving devices. For more, check out Shift Eco’s office supplies online.

Q. Why should I choose eco-friendly office supplies?

Ans. Choosing eco-friendly office supplies can assist businesses in reducing their environmental impact and fostering sustainable workplace practices. These products are frequently crafted from eco-friendly components, reducing the refuse sent to landfills. As a result, businesses can create a more eco-friendly workplace and reduce their carbon footprint by selecting eco-friendly office supplies.

Q. Does Shift Eco also provide training programs on sustainability?

Ans. Shift Eco offers various training programs and workshops on sustainability. Our programs talks about SDGs, climate change, supply chain and various other topics that need attention and awareness amongst workplaces. Our focus is establishing and encouraging workplaces to adapt more sustainable practices. We also offer customisable training programs as per businesses needs and budget.