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The Re.use Re.volution

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The Throwaway Culture Needs to Go. Period.

Something we use for a few minutes ends up rotting our planet for over 450 years or more. Our planet is drowning in plastic. We produce over 300 million tons of plastic every year worldwide, HALF of which is for single use items.


Rethynk provides with easy to shift, durable, reusable alternatives that help you go green.

Ditch single-use with style

Perfect for hot & cold beverages

Leak Proof Lid

Made of Healthy and Safe Material

Compact and Easy to Carry

Hardy and Long-lasting

The Power of Reuse

Some may say it's just a bottle!

A simple shift to the Rethynk reusable bottle can help you save hundreds of bottles that rot in our landfills for over 450 years.

This reusable bottle folds to 60% of its size making it easy to carry around. The bottle is also made of BPA free material ensuring that you don’t ingest any microplastics when hydrating.

Small Shifts, Big Impact

Every year an estimated amount of 500 billion of disposable cups are used and discarded in landfills globally.

A shift to one reusable Rethynk cup can help you save over 30 disposable cups a month.

The Rethynk coffee cup folds into 40% of its size, making it compact and convenient to carry around.

So what's your excuse now?


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