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Shift Eco: Your Destination for Eco-Friendly Stationery

Did you know the average office worker goes through approximately 10,000 sheets of paper annually? That's an incredible amount of office stationery items are used in just one office! But don't worry, Shift Eco is here to help. Are you ready to join the march towards a greener workplace?

Shift Eco recognizes the significance of environmental preservation and promoting sustainable practices. That is why we have many eco-friendly products in the UAE. Our stationery supplies are designed to have a low environmental impact while maintaining quality and usefulness.

Using eco-friendly office supplies is a responsibility to our earth, not just a trend. You may contribute to cutting deforestation, conserving energy, and minimizing waste by choosing sustainable alternatives. Small modifications in your office stationery purchase can greatly impact the environment.

Eco-friendly Office Stationery:

Did you know the average office worker produces approximately 1 kilogram of paper waste daily? You may significantly reduce your environmental footprint by using sustainable office supplies. Shift Eco provides a diverse range of sustainable office supplies, including pens, pencils, plant-based glue, tape with dispensers, and more. So, don’t wait to make the shift towards sustainable office supplies today.

Benefits of Using Sustainable Office Supplies:

You can reap several benefits by switching to environmentally friendly office supplies from Shift Eco. You not only support environmental sustainability, but you also encourage your co-workers and clients to do the same. Furthermore, sustainable office supplies frequently outperform their traditional counterparts, ensuring your productivity stays unaffected.

Plantable Office Supplies:

Imagine that the items in your office may have a second life as plants. Shift Eco offers plantable office supplies, adding a touch of nature to your workstation. These one-of-a-kind stationery items feature seeds that can be planted after they have been used for their intended purpose. The seeds can be planted to produce herbs, flowers, or even trees. We offer plantable pens, pencils, seed crayons, and notepads. We believe in use and grow, not use and throw.

How to Use and Plant Plantable Office Supplies:

Using our plantable stationery is easy. Once you've finished using the product, gently place the capsule end of your item in a pot, glass, or any container. But don’t use a plastic container. Water it occasionally and keep it under sunlight. Now, just watch as new life sprouts from your discarded stationery. It's a beautiful way to add greenery to your workspace and contribute to a healthier environment.

Recycled Stationery Products:

Office stationery generates a staggering quantity of waste. Using recycled stationery, you actively participate in the circular economy and reduce trash accumulation. Shift Eco offers a variety of recycled stationery items made from post-consumer trash, like pencils made from recycled newspapers, pens made from recycled milk cartons, erasers made from recycled rubbers, notebooks made from sugar cane paper, and more. All of these stationery items are plastic-free and upcycled.

Benefits of Using Recycled Stationery Products:

Shift Eco's recycled stationery goods are a win-win situation. You are not only helping to conserve natural resources and reduce landfill waste, but you are also helping the recycling sector. In addition, recycled stationery frequently boasts durability and quality equivalent to those of virgin materials, ensuring that your office remains productive and organized.

In addition to sustainable, plantable, and recycled office supplies, Shift Eco provides a comprehensive range of other office essentials. Our extensive collection comprises of sharpeners and staplers in bamboo casing, push pins, scissors, and more.

Advantages of Using Sustainable Stationery:

You enjoy numerous advantages when you choose Shift Eco for your office supplies. These include:

  • First and foremost, being environmentally responsible means choosing options that have less of an adverse effect on the environment, such as less greenhouse gas emissions, less deforestation, and less trash.
  • Improved air quality and employee well-being are two outcomes of replacing standard office supplies with greener alternatives. The sustainable items sold by Shift Eco are generally crafted from non-toxic materials, making the office atmosphere safer and more pleasant for all employees.
  • Although certain environmentally friendly products may have a higher initial cost, they typically offer benefits in the long run. Reusable goods, for instance, cut down on wasteful product disposal, and energy-efficient appliances lower utility costs.
  • Lastly, your company's reputation and brand will benefit from its embrace of sustainability. Displaying your dedication to eco-friendly policies will help you draw in customers, business partners, and employees that share your values.

Why Choose Us?

At Shift Eco, we go beyond offering eco-friendly office supplies. We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase. Our commitment extends to quality assurance; we provide the highest quality standards. Apart from our products, we also offer various services to organizations like sustainable training program, office reviews, sustainable corporate gifts, and more. One-fits-all would not suit every organizational need, so our services are customizable per the organization's needs and budgetary restraints.


1. What are the benefits of using eco-friendly office supplies?

Using eco-friendly office supplies reduces environmental impact, promotes a healthier workspace, and enhances your brand's reputation for sustainability.

2. Are Shift Eco eco-friendly office stationery made from recycled materials?

We offer office supplies from recycled materials like milk cartons, newspapers, and more. All of our recycled products are plastic-free and biodegradable.

3. Are plantable office stationery products expensive?

If you compare the prices, it may seem a little pricier, but plantable stationery products offer a unique and eco-friendly twist to traditional stationery items. You can use them to work, and you get a plant after that. So, you got your work done with a little surprise.

4. Can I find eco-friendly office supplies for all my needs on Shift Eco?

Yes, Shift Eco offers many eco-friendly office supplies, from stationery to cleaning and personal care products, so you can accomplish all your green office needs at one convenient stop.

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