Build a Sustainable Culture Through Learning

Learning is a critical element to build a culture of sustainability. Build knowledge amongst your employees to understand key aspects about sustainability.

Shift Eco and The Umbrella Institute have partnered to offer a range of learning interventions to build knowledge and know how.

Our Programs

In Partnership with

The Umbrella Institute
Learning is a critical element to build a culture of sustainability.
Change Agents

Short workshops to introduce employees to specific topics

Beginner's Training Program

Sustainability Fundamentals to familiarise employees to key concepts

Intermediate Training Program

Familiarise employees with key concepts on sustainability in business.

Advanced Level Training

Tailored program to build, execute and monitor sustainability goals

SDG Sprints

Identify strategically relevant SDG's and underlying targets and indicators

These programs can be customized to your requirements and an overview of the topics covered in each of the programs is mentioned as below:

Type Details Topics Included
Change Agents Short-term Workshops 2-3 hour workshops on specific topics The topics can range from all the topics in the long term workshop series and can be completely customized
Beginner's Training Program Beginner's Training Program Familiarize employees with key concepts on sustainability.
  • Introduction to Climate Change
  • Introduction to the SDG’s
  • Circular Economy –Individual & Business
Intermediate Training Program Intermediate Training Program Familiarize employees with key concepts on sustainability in business.
  • Concept of Triple Bottom Line & ESG
  • Net Zero & Carbon Literacy
Advanced Level Training Advanced Training Program Advanced Training Program
  • Building & Enhancing a Sustainability Strategy
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Communication
  • Building a Governance Model for Procurement & Supply Chain
SDG Sprints SDG Sprints Team exercise to identify strategically relevant SDG's and deep diving into the underlying targets and indicators.
  • Introduction to SDG’s
  • Deep Diving into the SDG’s
  • Roadmap to Implementation

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Corporate Sustainability Training By Shift Eco

In recent years, there has been a rise in awareness among businesses regarding the importance of implementing environmentally responsible business practices and encouraging their employees to participate in greener pursuits. This has led to an increase in the importance of eco-friendly workplace practices.

Shift Eco is a leading provider of sustainability training for employees, enabling businesses to train employees on incorporating green practices into their day-to-day operations. One of the most effective ways to promote sustainability in the workplace is through employee workshops and training programs. Shift Eco has partnered with The Umbrella Institute to provide training programs to organizations about adapting eco-friendly workplace practices.  

The sustainability training for employees offered by Shift Eco encompasses various subjects about environmentally-friendly practices such as introduction to sustainability, carbon literacy, understanding SDGs, climate change, and many other topics. These training programs can be customized to company priorities and sustainability objectives. The training is designed to provide employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to integrate sustainability into their daily work routines and provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to do so. Along with sustainability training programs to lead by example, Shift Eco for Business has other offerings such as eco-friendly office supplies, eco-friendly corporate gifting and Planet Friendly Office reviews that aid in building a culture of sustainability within the organization. Shift Eco also provides products for personal consumption, such as personal care and home care products, that will enable them to switch to green routines in their personal lives as well.

Our Training Programs

Shift Eco provides 5 different kinds of training and workshops. Each training program can be customized according to the company’s requirements. Let us look at all the training programs and what they offer.

Short-Term Workshops

These workshops are customizable based on your business requirements and preferences.  These workshops consist of introductory-level topics to familiarize employees with key concepts of sustainability.

Beginners Training Program

These training programs are designed to educate employees on key topics of sustainability such as Climate Change, introduction to SDGs and their relevance, and introduction to Circular Economy - Individual vs. Business. In addition, the training familiarizes the employees with the basic environmentally friendly concepts.

Intermediate Training Program

This training holds in-depth discussions and learning sessions with regard to sustainability in business practices. This includes various topics such as Triple Bottom Line, and introduction to ESG, an introduction to Net Zero and other topics such as Carbon Literacy.

Advance Training Program

This is advanced-level sustainability training for employees. These programs include various topics such as ways of Building and Enhancing Sustainability Strategies, Sustainability reporting and building Stakeholder Engagement & Communication, and Building a Governance Model for Procurement & Supply Chain. These training workshops are in-depth workshops that enable an organization to understand business sustainability and derive their business strategies accordingly.

SDG Sprints

SDG Sprints focuses mainly on SDGs and their implementation. It is considered a team activity where the team identifies relevant SDGs for their organization and how to incorporate them into their business strategies. It includes an introduction to SDG’s and deep dive into the same, along with building a roadmap for implementation in the organization.

Why Should You Partner with Shift Eco for Sustainability Training?

Our sustainability training for employees are designed to give you insights into building a culture around green practices. The training programs can benefit your business in many ways.

Employee Engagement

Shift Eco’s training programs are not all theoretical. We offer activities and workshops that enable employee engagement in an interesting and practical format. This helps them learn more about the organization's sustainability values and encourages them to adopt environmentally friendly practices at their workplace and personal spaces.

Customizable training and workshops as per the company’s priorities

Sustainability training is essential for any company's efforts to promote responsible and environmentally-friendly practices. However, every company has its priorities and challenges when it comes to sustainability. Shift Eco understands that a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective. Therefore, we offer customizable training and workshops tailored to each company's needs and priorities.

Interventions designed as per company budgets.

We at Shift Eco understand that companies have different budgets for employee training. That's why we offer interventions to fit each company's budgetary constraints. We believe sustainability training should be accessible to all companies, regardless of size or budget. We work with companies to identify cost-effective training solutions that provide maximum impact for their investment.

Through partnering with Shift Eco, companies can support practices that are good for the environment, get their employees involved in green projects, and build a culture of sustainability. Shift Eco's commitment to sustainable practices and customizable training programs make it a trustworthy partner for companies that want to adopt environmentally responsible practices into their operations.


  • Q. What is Shift Eco's sustainable employee training program?

  • Ans. Shift Eco's sustainable employee training program aims to teach employees about sustainable practices and help businesses implement them. The program covers various topics of sustainability that helps build a culture of sustainability within organizations.

    Q. How does Shift Eco's sustainable employee training program benefits businesses?

    Ans. Shift Eco's sustainable employee training program can help businesses reduce their environmental impact, improve sustainability practices, and increase corporate social responsibility. It can also save money by reducing the amount of energy and resources used, making processes more efficient, and making customers more loyal.

    Q. Who can participate in Shift Eco's sustainable employee training program?

    Ans. The sustainable employee training program from Shift Eco is accessible to businesses of all types. The program is customizable as per the organization's needs and budgetary restraints. 

    Q. What is the duration of Shift Eco's sustainable employee training program?

    Ans. The duration of Shift Eco's training program for sustainable employees can change based on the needs of the business. The program can be given as a one-time workshop or a series of training sessions over a longer period. The program can be changed in length and structure to fit the needs and schedules of each business.