Sprouting Soon

Sprouting Soon

It all started with a simple conversation on bamboo toothbrushes, and BAM!


Our co-founder, Namrata a few months ago picked up a bamboo toothbrush she spotted, intrigued, she bought it to try. It was such a simple substitute and that’s when she asked the question –

If this SHIFT is so simple, and plastic is so very toxic, why aren’t people making the switch already? 

And as we sat locked up at home in the Covid-19 hit world, it also hit us, that it’s about time we shake ourselves up. What are we doing to ourselves and our planet?

Once this thought parked itself in our mind, actioning it was so very simple. It began with us just making super small SHIFTS, wherever possible. And from the day there was no going back!

All that was needed was some waking up! And thus, birthed Shift Eco – With the vision of inspiring Small Shifts with a Big Impact. 

To give you some context, we aren’t some learned environmentalists propagating a massive movement. We’re commoners. Commoners who live and love the good life, but decided to encourage the business of being good. And that’s what sets us apart. Because we’re people, like you and me, just inspired to be kind, and bring about the much-needed change.

Shift Eco is a curated marketplace inspiring people to make small incremental, eco-friendly SHIFTS in their daily lifestyles. But how is it different?

  1. It’s Honest, Simple and Straightforward

Well, that’s the first thing we decided for the company. We’re on our way to curate products that are truly impactful in bringing about good change. No greenwashing, no random products, and no products that are priced exorbitantly for no reason.

  1. It’s Value Driven

We’ve set up an 8 value framework criteria which our products must meet. (More on this in another post). Our products aren’t going to be merely listed. We’re going to talk about why each one is better for our planet. We’ve even set quantifiable sustainability goals for the company, so we can toot our horn once we know we’ve made real difference!

  1. It’s Relatable

We hold this value super close to our heart. Shift Eco is human. All the products listed on the portal are going to be products that we’ve personally tried. Products we believe in and think we can SHIFT to without much compromise. We also conducted a research where we, the co-founders, spoke to consumers ourselves, to understand the key problems people face in SHIFTing to eco-friendly options. We seek to address these problems and provide easy, actionable solutions for being eco-friendly.

  1. It’s Agile & Ductile

Shift Eco is non-intimidating and non-preachy. We’re going to try extra hard to make sustainable living the new ‘vibe’. And we’re going to be hungry. Hungry to learn, hungry to do better, and hungry to make a real difference. We’re open to suggestions, feedback & learning from our mistakes. We’re going to be fluid, and will evolve every day, in line with our vision.

  1. It’s About Community

Shift Eco loves getting people together, we care, and want to spur the right conversations. We intend to build a community, that not only inspires each other to do good for the planet and hug trees, but also a community that loves to get beer together. We are here to build the eco-friendly ecosystem and will be working with many other existing companies in the space to make products and ideas come to life.  

We’re pumped and can’t wait to share with you the product of our blood and sweat, and more so our belief!

Let’s Shift, together!

Sprouting soon…SHIFT ECO.