10 things to do in the kitchen

10 things to do in the kitchen

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Our motto is not about achieving perfection. But about small SHIFTS by  making smarter choices. No one is perfectly sustainable, and that’s totally okay. A whole bunch of us making small SHIFTS can make a true impact!

Here are a few tips :

Reduce kitchen waste

  • Buy what you need: Prepare a meal plan for the week before shopping. It saves a lot of effort daily and hey, it also helps to save a few bucks!

  • Use what you already have: Check your fridge and cupboards regularly, to best utilize what you have. Use your leftover vegetables in soups, or a pot of pasta. Or use your leftover fruits to make delicious smoothies or freeze!

  • Repurpose food: Broccoli stems and other vegetable leftovers can be used to making vegetable stock. You can add leftovers to dishes like frittatas! So simple and yummy! Or ground coffee remains can be used to make a lovely body scrub.

  • Compost: This is so easy and so good to feed all your plants. It’s a great organic replacement for fertilizers.

  • Buy ecofriendly refillable kitchen cleaners: Toss aside any harsh, chemical-laden cleaners and use eco friendly cleaning products instead. Buy ecofriendly cleaners that are chemical free, and are not harsh on your hands. These come in refillable glass bottles, so you end up avoiding so much plastic waste! Also, your pantry has baking soda, distilled white vinegar, lemon juice or plant-based soap. These environmentally-friendly alternatives can clean your kitchen, household appliances.

  • Store correctly: Many people are unsure of how to store their fruits and vegetables correctly. This can lead to premature ripening. Vegetables and fruits that produce ethylene should be kept away from other ethylene sensitive produce, while some vegetables should be stored at room temperatures.

  • Refillable staples : This helps you avoid so much unrequired plastic waste. Buy loose good quality stables here (add link). These products are great quality & delivered right to your doorstep!

  • Packaging : Use re-usable sandwich bags, steel tiffins and glass containers to store all your food items.

  • Use water saving tap heads: These help in saving approx.. xyz gallons a month!

  • Grow your own: Build a small kitchen garden, or pot some herbs and microgreens. Consume fresh and organic!

With minimal changes to the way you shop, cook and consume food will help reduce your impact on the environment. With small SHIFTS like these, you can cut your food waste dramatically, save money and time.

Happy Shifting!