The Planet Friendly Office is an initiative to support offices to shift to greener practices.

Shift Eco, has partnered with the The Umbrella Institute, to offer you an office review that will help you -

Review Your Current Practices
Understand Current Challenges & Opportunities
Get Tailored & Easy to Implement Solutions

Why Conduct this Review?

In Partnership with


    Reduce overall consumption By buying better quality and by increasing efficiency.


    Boost office culture by creating a connect with sustainability amongst employees.

  • SET

    Endorse sustainable practices by setting processes and precedents in office.


    Improve procurement methodologies by adding a green filter to regular office purchases.


    Manage office waste in a responsible and efficient manner.

Our Methodology

The Green Seed Framework

The Green Seed Framework focuses on the key aspects of the organisation that contributes directly to reducing your companies carbon footprint.

The framework has 5 key pillars and is executed by a mix of questionnaires for concerned departments, an office review by our consultants and specific management meetings.

The findings of the 5 elements of the framework, help us provide you with clear and actionable recommendations to help make your office planet friendly in the short and long term.

Understand The Green Seed Framework


Review an organization’s mission, vision, reporting & KPI's alignment to sustainability


Understand your current utilization of electricity and water


Analyse purchasing policies - quality, quantity, transport & circularity


Review current processes of waste segregation and recycling


Evaluate employee interventions that build sustainable education & awareness

Outcomes of the Planet Friendly Review

The outcomes of the Planet Friendly Review will include the below
  • Identify where the organization currently stands
  • Key challenges with respect to sustainability
  • Recommendations to transition to a "Green office."
  • You will also be provided with recommended action steps to take in the short and long term to be more planet friendly.

We will also serve as a one-stop-shop and support organizations with the implementation of the possible points of improvement highlighted by this review.

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